Supporters of the Libraries

Thank you for doing your part to help save the Miami-Dade Libraries. During the early morning hours of 9/20/2013, the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners voted 11-2 which ordered the approval of the budget and upheld their decision on the Amendment to Item E, the full funding of the libraries by means of Carry-Over, Reserves and/or Contingencies.

Thank the citizens who supported this cause.
Thank the brave librarians who worked hard keep our libraries open.
Thank your commissioners for listening and for voting to save our libraries.
Thank you to the two graduate students who created this Facebook movement from thousands of miles away. They fought for this cause through social media while the librarians and citizens campaigned in person.

Support the Friends of the Library with their Ten by Ten challenge let’s make that happen!

Be sure to thank your commissioner for their vote! Now is the time to send out your appreciation for what they have done!

The battle for the libraries, however, is far from over. Continue to “Like” the Save the Miami-Dade Public Libraries Facebook Page to receive updates as we as we prepare for the next phase of this campaign.

Because of your efforts, we were able to #saveourlibraries

– Save the Miami-Dade Public Libraries Campaign

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Letter from a Mother….

As a child of a public school teacher, money wasn’t something that we had a lot of growing up. In fact, just recently my older brother and I realized that beef bouillon cubes weren’t used to make ‘soup’ as my mother would call it – it’s actually just used to create beef stock for a meal. The one thing we could look forward to was a trip to the library. There were quite a few great libraries in our neighborhood, and an outing to one of them was always a treat. You could walk in with no money and walk out with a stack of books – all you needed was that precious plastic Miami-Dade library card.

I’m a mother of four young children, and financially there isn’t any place my children love as much as the library. My oldest son Vicente is reading leaps and bounds above his grade level and I have the Miami-Dade public library partially to thank for that. Last year in first grade he finished reading all the Harry Potter books, over the summer he breezed through Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson novels, and he is currently enthralled with the children’s biography section. My three smaller children look forward to the library as well, they love story time and during the summer were so excited to be able to partake in some of the great activities our library offered.

I’ve wanted to write a piece for ‘Save the Miami-Dade Public Libraries’ for a while, but I wasn’t sure what I could really add to this struggle. Then I realized that my family is a microcosm of all those who will be affected by our libraries closing. While I am relieved to hear that libraries will not be shutting their doors, the fact our county is laying off library workers and shedding services has made me a very impassioned mother.

I am angered that I voted on an increase in my taxes, yet it will be my children, and other middle class and lower middle class families and individuals who will suffer. What is a school without teachers but a hollow shell? What is a library without dedicated employees? It is a edifice devoid of intellect, creativity and warmth. I am tired of these ‘cuts’ coming at the cost of the middle class in this city. I cannot afford to take my children to the movies every month, or buy them the newest videogame – what I have been able to offer them is finding knowledge within books, learning to play with others while listening to story time, introducing them to early computer skills through the computers set up exclusively for children at our library.

This is not just a children’s issue either. This is an issue for all adults. When I was building my photography business about five years ago, I checked out book after book at our library – reading as much about cameras, film and the history of photography that I could get my hands on. The library is a gem of a resource for those of us looking to hone our craft, apply online for jobs, and sometimes just forget our worries in a good book.

I urge you all to attend the public hearings, and if you can’t do that I understand – but write your commissioners, email them, stop by their office – let them know this is worth our tax money.

Vicente reading one of his favorites from the library.

Vicente reading one of his favorites from the library.

– Vivian del Cid is a mother of four and a lifestyle photographer.

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Board of County Commissioners Budget Meeting

The date where Commissioners CAN vote to reconsider the millage rate.

7 Commissioners can vote to reconsider, then revote again to raise the millage.

Our Mayor has made it clear that if 9 do not vote in our favor, he will use his veto power.

September 10 is the ONLY day for our County Commissioners to set the millage rate to FULLY FUND our Libraries! An average increase of $20 more for the entire year for our libraries is WORTH IT and the Commissioners MUST know this.

Come out and show up!

In regards to SPEAKING at the Sept 10 Budget Meeting:

There will be a table OUTSIDE about 3:00 or 3:30PM to register people to speak during the budget meeting.
Plan on coming early and staying late!

We hope to have EVERYONE speak at the Budget Hearing

Again, we must reiterate — if you have stayed quiet before, make this the one exception. Make this the time you have your voice heard by the ones who can actually CHANGE the course of the future for the Library System!

The meeting begins a 5:01 PM and all speakers will be heard.


This is PUBLIC forum, but we want to be sure that EVERYONE who wants to speak gets a chance to do so! This will be our LAST chance to convince the Commissioners all at once that we are willing to pay the increase! If you have not spoken before, NOW will be the time to do so!

Let us show our Commission that the VOICE of the PEOPLE is what governs our County–not the actions of a Strong Mayor!

Be sure to check out our Facebook Event page.
Date/Time: September 10, 2013 5:00 p.m. –
Address: 111 NW 1st Street
2nd Floor Commission Chambers
Miami, FL 33128
Contact Person: Fara C. Diaz
Phone Number: 305-375-1293

First Budget Hearing to begin at 5:01 PM.

Government Meetings | Board of County Commissioners |

If you need materials in accessible format, sign language interpreters, and/or any accommodation to participate in this meeting, please call 305-375-2035 or email at least five days in advance of the meeting.

Commissioner’s Contact Info:
District 1 – Barbara J. Jordan*, 305-375-5694,
District 2 – Jean Monestime*, 305-375-4833,
District 3 – Audrey Edmonson, 305-375-5393,
District 4 – Sally A. Heyman*, 305-375-5128,
District 5 – Bruno A. Barreiro , 305-375-5924,
District 6 – Rebeca Sosa, 305-375-5696,
District 7 – Xavier L. Suarez, 305-669-4003,
District 8 – Lynda Bell, 305-375-5218,
District 9 – Dennis C. Moss*, 305-375-4832,
District 10 – Javier D. Souto, 305-375-4835,
District 11 – Juan C. Zapata, 305-375-5511,
District 12 – José “Pepe” Diaz, 305-375-5218,
District 13 – Esteban Bovo, Jr., 305-375-4831,

*voted against keeping the tax-rate flat in order to save our services


Call, email, and Tweet these Commissioners!

“raise the millage to .2993 in order to fully fund and #saveourlibraries”

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Our Miami-Dade Public Library System is in grave danger! We need your help TODAY. Mayor Gimenez has proposed a budget that will essentially diminish the library system to nothing. Tweet, email, or call the commissioners and mayor. Tell them: “Raise the millage rate to 0.2993 and fully fund the library system to #saveourlibraries”.  The Board of County Commissioners Budget Meeting  being held Tuesday, September 10th at 5:01 pm will be the only time to set the millage rate to fully fund the libraries!


The Board of County Commissioners Budget Meeting

District 1 – Barbara J. Jordan*

District 2 – Jean Monestime*

District 3 – Audrey Edmonson

District 4 – Sally A. Heyman*

District 5 – Bruno A. Barreiro

District 6 – Rebeca Sosa

District 7 – Xavier L. Suarez

District 8 – Lynda Bell

District 9 – Dennis C. Moss*

District 10 – Javier D. Souto

District 11 – Juan C. Zapata

District 12 – José “Pepe” Diaz

District 13 – Esteban Bovo Jr.

*voted against keeping the tax-rate flat in order to save our services




Sign the Petition 

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr

Need 49 more reasons why you should act now to save the libraries?

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49 Reasons to Say No to Mayor Gimenez’s Proposal to Saving Our Libraries

Yesterday, Mayor Gimenez unveiled his idea of what the Miami-Dade Public Library System will look like under his administration this upcoming fiscal year. Good news: his administration managed to find ways to keep all libraries open; bad news: you’ll never be able to get in while it is.

Some branches are open 10 to 2pm. Others are open from 2 – 6pm. Then, some are open 3 – 7pm, or 4 to 9pm.

But, he’s working on a “24/7 Mobile App” that will be able to tell the user when libraries are open and when they are closed (nevermind that A) Apps are usually 24/7 anyway, B) Not everyone has a smartphone and C) MDPLS already had a mobile version of the website that has listed hours)!

The cuts in services stem from the notion that while are our economy is improving, taxpayers cannot yet afford to pay more in taxes.  Perhaps this is true. Yet, in 2011 Mayor Gimenez cut library services drastically by reducing hours and cutting staff to a bare minimum with that very same reason.

Now in 2013 Mayor Gimenez once again is dismantling our library system even more drastically than before by not fully funding our services. If you disagree with Mayor Gimenez’s idea of a library system Say No to his proposal – and here are 49 reasons why.

1- Say No to libraries only open 16 hours a week
2- Say No to a lack of new books
3- Say No to libraries with no story time
4- Say No to libraries only opening in the morning
5- Say No to your kids finding the library closed after school
6- Say No to libraries closed on Mondays
7- Say No to cancelled computer classes
8- Say No to unsafe libraries with no security guards
9- Say No to deteriorating library buildings (no up-keep)
10-Say No to cancellation of teen programs
11-Say No to lack of Reference materials
12-Say No to not being able to find your books on the shelves
13-Say No to lack of access to printers, scanners & copier machines
14-Say No to libraries open only from 2pm-6pm
15-Say No to wasting gas to drive to the next library because the library   near your home is closed
16-Say No to illiteracy
17-Say No to libraries without janitorial services
18-Say No to misuse of library funds
19-Say No to reduction of E-books
20-Say No to the dismantling of the Main library’s art collection
21-Say No to lack of trained professionals willing to help

22-Say No to cancellation of community outreach programs
23-Say No to not being able to place reserves
24-Say No to lack of new DVDs

25-Say No to libraries only open from 9am-1pm
26-Say No to not being able find someone to help you with your resume and job search
27-Say No to part-time libraries

28-Say No to lack of special collection Spanish reading materials

29-Say No to kids left out on the street
30-Say No to Regional Libraries not open from 9:30AM – 9PM.
31-Say No to longer wait times for materials and for service

32-Say No to not having access to computers when you need them
33-Say No to broken down computers without technical support to fix them
34-Say No to cancellation of senior citizen programming

35-Say No to not having cultural programming
36-Say No to Reduction of services through the Jump Start program

37-Say No to Reduction of services through Project LEAD (Literacy for Every Adult in Dade)

38-Say No to lack of special collection Braille books for the visually impaired

39-Say No to not having programs that teach children to read

40-Say No to ignorance

41-Say No to lack of a safe social gathering spot

42-Say No to having to take a bus (or 2) to get to open library near you

43-Say No to having to pay for services the library offers for free

44-Say No to replacing a functioning library system with an App

45-Say No to not having someone to help your kids with their homework

46-Say No to having a library that does not encourage imagination

47-Say No to cancelling craft activities with teens and children

48-Say No to reduction of services to hhomebound library users

49-Say No to not finding someone to help you when you walk through the door

And 169 more reasons to Say No to Mayor Gimenez’s plan for the library system: 169 willing and able employees who are being laid off due to lack of funding.

Say YES to Fully Funding our Miami-Dade Public Library System. Say Yes I am willing to pay $20 more on my taxes to fully fund my services!


-Library Employee #169


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Children Know Best

Maggie* is a 4 year old daughter of Library Employee #3.

This is the conversation they had tonight, just before bed. 


Maggie: Mommy it is important to go to school.
Me: Yes Maggie, but it is also important to go to sleep early. That way you have energy to learn new things at school. Now go to sleep.
Maggie: Mom you know what is even more important?
Me: What Maggie?
Maggie: Saving libraries.
Me: Okay Maggie, now you have to go to sleep. (I began to cry)
Maggie: Mom you know what we should do?
Me: Maggie it’s sleepy time.
Maggie: Mom we should give people pink save the libraries cards for their birthdays.
Me: Maggie l love you so much now we have to go to sleep.

I am so proud of my 4 year old library activist. This is why I am fighting…She loves reading and that is thanks to her parents who both work at the library.


*Names have been changed

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The History of MDPLS

I like to share with you a brief history of the Miami-Dade Public Library System. 

Since 1971, the Miami-Dade Public Library System has been serving the majority of residents within unincorporated Miami-Dade and most municipalities.  Due to the support of many past leaders and elected officials, the Library System steadily grew in number of branches and types of services provided to the public.  Our library system provided a myriad of programs that range from storytelling to expected mothers, newborns and toddlers; computer courses for those who are not able to afford them; workshops for those who come to this country in the hopes of a better life and services to a person’s home when they are not able to visit a library due to a disability or end of life. 

In 2008 the Library System reached what could be called a zenith when it was awarded the National Medal for Museum and Library Services.  This national recognition of excellence was presented to the Library Director by first lady Laura Bush.  As many library employees celebrated this achievement, little did we know that three years later under Mayor Gimenez the Library System would be the target for decimation for reasons we still do not know.

In 2011, just a few months after Mayor Gimenez started his job with the County; He targeted the Library System and reduced the millage by 50%.  He claimed that this was done in order to use up a large reserve that the library held for expansion of its branches to many underserved areas in the County.  However, the mayor went beyond a reduction in the millage to use up the reserves.  He also eliminated 160 full time positions and 100 part time positions cutting library staff by one third. 

Now we come to 2013.  The reserves are gone and because of the Mayor’s actions the millage is only able to cover half of the operating funds needed to run this system.  So now we have another purge within library ranks and this time half of the staff will be gone. 

Yes, you will have 4 buildings with a large sign on them branding them as libraries.  But in fact what residents of Miami-Dade County will have are 45 facades.  Most services will be self-service.  Books will become outdated.  Computers will break but will not be replaced because they will not be able to keep replacements in stock.  There will not be staff to repair damaged equipment in a timely fashion.  You can reserve an item but they will not be able to tell you when you can expect it, so drive to wherever it is and you can get it sooner.  Programs will be nonexistent with no staff to do toddler stories, or children’s programs or team events or assistance programs for the elderly. 

A System with 45 buildings that includes a Main Library, five regionals, soon to be six when Aventura opens in 2014 and less than 200 staff members to keep them running and offering services to the community.  You do the math and are very simple that this numbers does not lie. 

The future is bleak for this once honored Library System.  Patrons will become angry with staff because of the reduction in services, the lack of up to date technology and online products, as well of materials available at each branch.  They will complain to managers and administrators who share their concerns but are helpless to do anything about it because resources will just not be available.  Upset and disillusioned patrons will leave the system.  Wealthy and educated municipalities will be fed up with the situation and take back their branch thereby further reducing the funding for the system.  Finally it will fall into mediocrity and become just another government bureaucratic animal that serves no one but it’s nice to have it in the County’s portfolio as a great place to live. 

A rich vibrant Library is a direct link to all our communities but their primary importance is to those who do not share many of the benefits offered by our society.  Those who for financial reasons are not able to afford a computer and cannot afford to pay for courses to teach who to use technology to better their life.  Libraries bridge this gap by providing opportunities to those disadvantaged segments of our communities and as they grow they can become productive members of our society. 

It is not hard to see why politicians like Mr. Gimenez are not able to see the value that libraries bring.  They see police and corrections and see crime statistics.  With Fire you see lives saved and property protected from fire.  But how do you measure a four year old who learns the love of reading and the drive to search for answers that will make him/her a success twenty years down the road.  Or a teenager who spends his time on a computer or in a teens program instead of on the streets with the wrong crowd.  A choice to follow learning and development instead of a life of crime and violence.  What is the value of this decision?  I can assure you that many do but we do not follow them during the next decade of their life to see what the seed of knowledge and hunger for truth germinates into an asset for society. 

I hope you think about these facts and see the damage that is being done, not just to 169 families facing layoff, but the number of underserved persons throughout this County who will no longer have a place ready and willing to help when the need arises.


Library Employee 169



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