49 Reasons to Say No to Mayor Gimenez’s Proposal to Saving Our Libraries

Yesterday, Mayor Gimenez unveiled his idea of what the Miami-Dade Public Library System will look like under his administration this upcoming fiscal year. Good news: his administration managed to find ways to keep all libraries open; bad news: you’ll never be able to get in while it is.

Some branches are open 10 to 2pm. Others are open from 2 – 6pm. Then, some are open 3 – 7pm, or 4 to 9pm.

But, he’s working on a “24/7 Mobile App” that will be able to tell the user when libraries are open and when they are closed (nevermind that A) Apps are usually 24/7 anyway, B) Not everyone has a smartphone and C) MDPLS already had a mobile version of the website that has listed hours)!

The cuts in services stem from the notion that while are our economy is improving, taxpayers cannot yet afford to pay more in taxes.  Perhaps this is true. Yet, in 2011 Mayor Gimenez cut library services drastically by reducing hours and cutting staff to a bare minimum with that very same reason.

Now in 2013 Mayor Gimenez once again is dismantling our library system even more drastically than before by not fully funding our services. If you disagree with Mayor Gimenez’s idea of a library system Say No to his proposal – and here are 49 reasons why.

1- Say No to libraries only open 16 hours a week
2- Say No to a lack of new books
3- Say No to libraries with no story time
4- Say No to libraries only opening in the morning
5- Say No to your kids finding the library closed after school
6- Say No to libraries closed on Mondays
7- Say No to cancelled computer classes
8- Say No to unsafe libraries with no security guards
9- Say No to deteriorating library buildings (no up-keep)
10-Say No to cancellation of teen programs
11-Say No to lack of Reference materials
12-Say No to not being able to find your books on the shelves
13-Say No to lack of access to printers, scanners & copier machines
14-Say No to libraries open only from 2pm-6pm
15-Say No to wasting gas to drive to the next library because the library   near your home is closed
16-Say No to illiteracy
17-Say No to libraries without janitorial services
18-Say No to misuse of library funds
19-Say No to reduction of E-books
20-Say No to the dismantling of the Main library’s art collection
21-Say No to lack of trained professionals willing to help

22-Say No to cancellation of community outreach programs
23-Say No to not being able to place reserves
24-Say No to lack of new DVDs

25-Say No to libraries only open from 9am-1pm
26-Say No to not being able find someone to help you with your resume and job search
27-Say No to part-time libraries

28-Say No to lack of special collection Spanish reading materials

29-Say No to kids left out on the street
30-Say No to Regional Libraries not open from 9:30AM – 9PM.
31-Say No to longer wait times for materials and for service

32-Say No to not having access to computers when you need them
33-Say No to broken down computers without technical support to fix them
34-Say No to cancellation of senior citizen programming

35-Say No to not having cultural programming
36-Say No to Reduction of services through the Jump Start program

37-Say No to Reduction of services through Project LEAD (Literacy for Every Adult in Dade)

38-Say No to lack of special collection Braille books for the visually impaired

39-Say No to not having programs that teach children to read

40-Say No to ignorance

41-Say No to lack of a safe social gathering spot

42-Say No to having to take a bus (or 2) to get to open library near you

43-Say No to having to pay for services the library offers for free

44-Say No to replacing a functioning library system with an App

45-Say No to not having someone to help your kids with their homework

46-Say No to having a library that does not encourage imagination

47-Say No to cancelling craft activities with teens and children

48-Say No to reduction of services to hhomebound library users

49-Say No to not finding someone to help you when you walk through the door

And 169 more reasons to Say No to Mayor Gimenez’s plan for the library system: 169 willing and able employees who are being laid off due to lack of funding.

Say YES to Fully Funding our Miami-Dade Public Library System. Say Yes I am willing to pay $20 more on my taxes to fully fund my services!


-Library Employee #169


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