Board of County Commissioners Budget Meeting

The date where Commissioners CAN vote to reconsider the millage rate.

7 Commissioners can vote to reconsider, then revote again to raise the millage.

Our Mayor has made it clear that if 9 do not vote in our favor, he will use his veto power.

September 10 is the ONLY day for our County Commissioners to set the millage rate to FULLY FUND our Libraries! An average increase of $20 more for the entire year for our libraries is WORTH IT and the Commissioners MUST know this.

Come out and show up!

In regards to SPEAKING at the Sept 10 Budget Meeting:

There will be a table OUTSIDE about 3:00 or 3:30PM to register people to speak during the budget meeting.
Plan on coming early and staying late!

We hope to have EVERYONE speak at the Budget Hearing

Again, we must reiterate — if you have stayed quiet before, make this the one exception. Make this the time you have your voice heard by the ones who can actually CHANGE the course of the future for the Library System!

The meeting begins a 5:01 PM and all speakers will be heard.


This is PUBLIC forum, but we want to be sure that EVERYONE who wants to speak gets a chance to do so! This will be our LAST chance to convince the Commissioners all at once that we are willing to pay the increase! If you have not spoken before, NOW will be the time to do so!

Let us show our Commission that the VOICE of the PEOPLE is what governs our County–not the actions of a Strong Mayor!

Be sure to check out our Facebook Event page.
Date/Time: September 10, 2013 5:00 p.m. –
Address: 111 NW 1st Street
2nd Floor Commission Chambers
Miami, FL 33128
Contact Person: Fara C. Diaz
Phone Number: 305-375-1293

First Budget Hearing to begin at 5:01 PM.

Government Meetings | Board of County Commissioners |

If you need materials in accessible format, sign language interpreters, and/or any accommodation to participate in this meeting, please call 305-375-2035 or email at least five days in advance of the meeting.

Commissioner’s Contact Info:
District 1 – Barbara J. Jordan*, 305-375-5694,
District 2 – Jean Monestime*, 305-375-4833,
District 3 – Audrey Edmonson, 305-375-5393,
District 4 – Sally A. Heyman*, 305-375-5128,
District 5 – Bruno A. Barreiro , 305-375-5924,
District 6 – Rebeca Sosa, 305-375-5696,
District 7 – Xavier L. Suarez, 305-669-4003,
District 8 – Lynda Bell, 305-375-5218,
District 9 – Dennis C. Moss*, 305-375-4832,
District 10 – Javier D. Souto, 305-375-4835,
District 11 – Juan C. Zapata, 305-375-5511,
District 12 – José “Pepe” Diaz, 305-375-5218,
District 13 – Esteban Bovo, Jr., 305-375-4831,

*voted against keeping the tax-rate flat in order to save our services


Call, email, and Tweet these Commissioners!

“raise the millage to .2993 in order to fully fund and #saveourlibraries”


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