Did you know?

14 Libraries of the Miami Dade Public Library System are facing closure come October. Another 8 will become “Technology Homework Centers” and will be open for only 20 hours during the week — operated by part-time staff who are not librarians or trained staff.  251 library staff will be laid off, despite years of service and dedication.

If you’re asking yourself, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?” or “How did I not know?” it is because we, the librarians & library staff, cannot tell you.

County employees cannot speak on issues that involve county matters to the press or the public while on the job. This is because their words can be misconstrued as being the official voice of the County.

From the Employee Manual:

II. POLITICAL ACTIVITIES: County Administrative Order AO 7-2
All County employees may express their opinions on any candidate or issue and participate in any political campaign during his or her off duty hours so long as such activities are not in conflict with the prohibitions contained herein.
Our patrons remain uninformed of the crisis that our community faces because are tongues are tied by rules and policy. The children that have attended our story-time that we have watched grow over the years, the teens who come to hang out and do homework, the adults who come to computer class to learn to connect through social media, the teachers that check out a new set of picture books every week — and the list goes on and on — will remain in the dark until the doors are chained and shuttered on their local library.
All because of policy.
It is our hope, that with this page, we will be able to provide a voice to the librarians and staff who cannot tell you in person: “I’m sorry — your library is closing.” Please know that we care about you and we care about the community — and that we are trying our best to smile every day and to provide service every day despite knowing what is happening.

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